Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dariya Palty Straight And Wave Perm Review And How To Use ^__^

Hello world,
So as I said in my previous post, I am going to review the dariya straight perm and the wave one. So the   
difference is that where as the straight perm fully straightens your hair and has two creams the wave one has only one cream and doesn't really straighten your hair.
Straight Perm:
Consists of  a V-shape comb, Formula 1,Formula 2 institutions ( only in Japanese ^__^ '')
 How to use:
Separate you hair into 3 sections and clip up the top parts.
Apply Cream 1 to the comb and "brush" it into your hair, continue with the other 2 sections and when you get to the hair that frames your face ( bangs, fringe or side parts brush them AWAY from your face) Leave it on for 10-15 min and rinse off ( don't use shampoo or conditioner), after roughly dry with a towel.  

Next separate your hair into 3 sections again and clip up the top parts
Apply cream 2 to the comb and continue the same steps. Again when you get to your bangs brush  AWAY from your face.Leave on for 15' and rinse off. Apply your normal hair products if you have any and blow dry your hair try to brush it while you blow dry and bask in the glory of the results.
Wave Perm:
I actually through away the box for this one ^__^'' but here is a picture of how it is:
Inside it has only a formula 1, V-Shape comb and instructions ( Japanese)
How to use:
How to apply it is just like formula 1 from the straight perm ^__^ 

 Now let's get down to business shall we?

Content: 3/5 because your hair is dry when you     
               apply it i don't think it is enough if your
               hair is bellow your bust or medium     
               length and thick.                                  
Smell:   3/5 ok it stank! If you have ever used          
             the veet hair removal cream it                   
            smells like that but it's worth it         

                   Formula 2
Content: 5/5 it is in the same shape bottle but because
               your hair is wet it goes a long way ^__^
Smell:   5/5 it doesn't have a smell , or at least it doesn't      
             smell as bad as the other one 

Straight Perm rating: 5/5 it fully straightened my hair, apart form mu fringe but that's because i guess was kind of pulled back from my face .I would recommend this to people that want to straighten their hair because they don't want to keep straightening it or for whatever reason they want to get a straight perm ^__^

Wave Perm rating: 4/5 i bought it with the intention that it would straighten my hair, it kind of did but with a really slight wave. I would recommend this to someone with straight hair that wants a bit of a curl in it or to any one who wants straight-ish hair but with a bit of a slight wave ^__^

After the perm my hair did feel a bit dry, but what can you expect?After a few washes it does feel a lot softer, after using i advise to use serums and hair masks.A good treatment that I use after I wash my hair is the Chihtsai Instant Treatment, but i am not sure where you can buy this since i get mine from my hairdresser *scratches head*  I wouldn't recommend this to people with really damaged hair though since i guess it might cause it to fall out or get completely damaged.Keep in mind that my hair wasn't really curly before i used the straight perm, you might have to use the wave one first before the straight for better results ^__^
Over all i think that they are amazing products and they are cheap too! I bought mine on ebay for $12-$20 which is a steal for a perm.
Anyway hope you enjoyed this review,
Amy over and out xxx

Dariya Palty Natural Brown How To Use And Review!

I woke up today in a good mood because well..... NO SCHOOL FOR TWO WEEKS!! weee!
So anyway,today i'm going to do a review on the Dariya Palty Natural Brown. I dyed my hair with this previously about 1 month ago i think so i had major roots. Before i dyed my hair with this the first time my hair was a really darkish red color that i hated, and since it had a redish tint to it i was worried that half my hair would come out pinky brown and my roots blond but it did a really good job in an even coloring.
Here are some pictures of my pre-dyed hair:

 I will explain how to mix the hair dye and and apply to your hair Below^__^:

In the bow it should have instructions, a pair of gloves, formula 1.formula 2, a serum to apply to your  hair after you wash it and a comb shape nosle.

at the back of the bow there is a circle,cut it out and place in the bottle of formula 2

Formula 2

Next add formula 1 into the bottle of formula 2:

Next put back on the lid of formula 2 and shake vigorously for about 30'' (seconds),and then remove the lid and put on the comb shape nosle.

Section your hair into 3 parts. Clip up the two top sections and start applying the dye throughout your bottom parts of your hair and make sure that you apply dye to your roots as well, and carry on till you fully cover your hair with the dye. Leave it on for ether 20 or 30 minutes according to how light you want your end result to be. After you rinse it off apply the serum, you have a choice to blow dry your hair or to let it dry naturally. I prefer to let it air dry since the dye pretty much damages it ^__^.
Keep in mind that you can follow these steps with the other Palty hair dyes, even for the bleach ones except that you add the bleach powder first to formula 2, then you shake it vigorously and add in formula 1 shake again and continue with the same steps.For the coloring dyes it is recommended to leave it on for ONLY 20' (minutes).

So here is the end result of my hair dye:
this is probably the only one that the sun isn't hitting, but it still has a really nice and light color to it ^__^

 So it turned out really nice and i like it! 
This is how i will rate it:
Smell : i would give it 4/5, it doesn't smell bad but you can smell the bleach on it.
Stinging: I would rate it 4.5/5, it hurt once i put it on but after about 2 min it stopped stinging, and usually bleach really burns your scalp so it didn't hurt
Content:4.5/5 , my hair is just below my bust( but i have big boobs so according to length from my back it is at my belly button) and the dye is just enough to cover it,and a lot of my hair is layers so if you have really long and thick hair you might need two of them.
Color: 5/5! The color in my opinion is amazing! It's not to light and it has an orangy-red tint which i love!
Over all i would still rate it 4.5/5 because it is a dye and it has to be based on the over all color result of it and the color doesn't wear off.
Hope this helped you out.
I will do a review on the straightening perm next time, and the wave perm from palty.
Talk you you soon,
Amy over and out! xx