Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin, Free! , Ao no Exorcist + K(project)

Hello marshmallows,
yes, 2 posts in a week! I didn't want to include these ones in the last list since these are still new and ongoing. I will be going into more detail on my opinion on these so they will be quite a few spoilers.

Free! Iwatonbi Swim Club.
This anime is over all Eye Candy. And big time as well. The story line is quite nice and simple. It's about a  group of boys that like to swim. When they were younger they all went to the same swimming club together, and one day one Rei (one of the guys) left to go to an Australian swim school as his dream was to go to the Olympics. The re-unite in Highschool when they find out that their old swim club is being torn down so they can collect their old trophy which they buried. There they meet Rei again. The plot in my opinion is very simple, it's about 4(now 5) guys that like to swim. The graphics are similar to Reborn! so the basic anime graphics. BIG thumbs up for the lovely eye candy ^^ 10/10

Shingeki no Kyojin
Oh My God! I am speechless on this anime. From the first episode I was addicted. I dare say that it might be up the on the list close to One Piece for me? I'm not quite sure yet since it is a new anime and usually once anime's come out there is a huge blow up about them. The plot is about a boy named Eren Jaeger and his adoptive sister Mikasa. They live in a period where titans live on earth and are the enemy of humanity. In order to survive the humans built walls to keep the titans out. After a century, one day the titans broke through the walls and ate thousands of people. Eren was present to his mother being eaten by a titan and swore that he would kill them all. I really like the story line and the over all idea of the anime. They said that they would only make 25 episodes and in my opinion that is only as far as they can go. Unlike other anime's such as One Piece or Fairy Tail where they can keep on adding to the plot this one pretty much ends once they defeat the titans. I think the only way they would be able to continue it, is if the humans started travelling to other parts of the world ( I believe that the anime takes part in the western part since Mikasa is said to be the only orient left) such as Asia, Africa etc etc. In those countries perhaps the titans have other weak spots. The graphics in this anime are the best I've ever seen so I give a BIG thumbs up to that. I highly recommend this anime. 10/10

Ao no Exorcist
This one is a slightly older anime being made in 2011, but who cares. I loved it. Just like SNK  from the first episode I loved it. I watched the whole series in 1 day(dunno why I'm so proud of it...) The story is about 2 twins who are brought up by an exorcist. The twins are the spawns of Satan and after 15 years the oldest twin's (Rin) powers awaken. Their human father is murdered in an attempt to save the oldest twin. After that Rin vowed to get revenge on his fathers death by killing Satan. The anime has only 1 season (25 episodes) but from what I read they are planing to make a new one. The manga is still ongoing for those who are interested. I really liked this series. Again, it has to do with supernatural powers and  what not so of course I liked it :) 9.5/10, the 0.5 is because I was disappointed when I found out that after episode 15, the anime episodes where fillers -_-'' , but still very enjoyable ^^

K (project)
Mind blown! This story was so intriguing. I can't explain it. Again, supernatural powers blah blah. In this earth there are 7 kings, blue, red, silver, gold etc etc. Each one of them has a special power. One day one of the comrade of the red king was murdered and the whole gang is set out to find the murderer and kill him. Their comrade's last moments were found on tape and the killer is shown. Shiro a normal high school student looks like the killer and is being pursued by many people. In the end is he really innocent...? Very enjoyable, has many unexpected surprises 9.8/10

That's all for this weeks. I'm planning on uploading a make-up tutorial soon so please watch it(please???:( ) Anyway that's all,
Amy xx^^

Monday, 19 August 2013

Anime Review

Hello marshmallows,
like I've mentioned before I don't only watch Asian Dramas, but I am a HUGE Otaku (otaku= Japanese for a very big anime fan). I've watched so many anime's that I can't really remember half of them! Ok, I lie. I remember all of them by heart :D Unlike Dramas, I like almost all genres of anime's, horror, adventure, romance, comedy, yaoi. You name it. These are the ones I have watched up until now. *side note* If I watch an anime I don't read the manga since I really hate knowing what is going to happen. I have read manga's that haven't been made into anime's (yet) though.

1) One Piece.
Enough said. One piece. I don't really think that there is a better anime than One Piece. I watched a few episodes as a child and started watching it 3 years ago when I found it again. I have to admit, the first 2 arcs are kind of slow, but after that it really picks up. There are 600+ episodes and it is ongoing. Best anime ever!! 16/10, I don't think it is allowed but since this is my blog it is :)

2) Fairy tail.
I really like fairy tail. I guess the reason as to why is because it is really similar to one piece. Hear me out. Hiro Mashima ( creator of Fairy Tail) said himself that he was really inspired by Odas work on One Piece and thus created Fairy Tail. A lot of the characters have similar relationships and in general their characters are alike. It stopped in March 2013 but it is said to start again. Nice if you like action and super power anime 9/10

3) Reborn!
Ahhhh, reborn! The first long anime I ever started watching. I was so upset when they stopped it on the 203rd episode. It's a brilliant anime. The story line is really good and interesting up to the point where I would just sit and watch it all day. My major complaint is probably some of the fight scenes in the anime. They took up a few too many episodes. But then again, it's an action anime so it kinda makes sense. I really like anime's that have to do with supernatural powers etc etc so of course I like it. They were meant to continue the anime after taking a short break, but that didn't happen and to my knowledge the manga also stopped now (not quite sure, I don't really read manga). Love it 9.5/10

4) Say I love you
Love, Love, LOVE!! Omfg!! Cutest anime ever!! The story line is very similar to the basic Asian drama plot. Popular guy, falls for a girl that hasn't got much, hurdles in the way blah blah blah, they end up together. But I don't know why I loved it so much. I have to admit, I did read the manga first and when I found out about the anime, I started watching it. The graphics are kind of close to My Neighbor Totoro, so I like it. It has kind of and old anime feel to it I guess? Nice romantic anime, 9.8/10

5) Death Note
:D *dies* (from)The.Best.Anime.Ever! Amazing,brilliant, ingenious! The plot is about a teenager named Light Yagami who meets a shinigami and steals his note book known as the death note. If you write someones name, time and way of death in it, it happens. He uses it for what he believes is for the good of man kind by killing off the evil villains. A detective named L(not infinite's Myungsoo :) tries to find out who keeps killing these people and suspects Light. The plot basically evolves around that. I disliked one thing about this anime though. * HUGE SPOILER* the episodes after L died became boring. 9/10

These are probably my favorite anime's of all time. I have more but these are the ones that I like most. I will post more anime's that I've watched :)
Amy xx 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Asian dramas you need to watch now!! *Part 4*

Hello sunshines,
ok so it's like this, I will only be reviewing Monstar this week because of the following reasons : 1) Each episode goes for 1:20 minutes which is like watching two 45 minute episodes. 2) I spent my last 3 days in Cyprus out with my family so I didn't really have time to sit and watch dramas. So without further ado, Monstar!

  I looooved this drama 9.5/10. I'm not really fond of Musicals as in movies, but for some reason I really enjoy musical Asian dramas. I liked the fact that it DID build up the relationships between the characters and it explained a bit the reason why each one acted the way that they did. The plot takes place at a normal Korean High School where a Hallyu star starts going to school to improve his image. While there he meets different kids and they form a band to perform at a show in order to get themselves out of punishment (which was for something they didn't do). Each one of them has some sort of psychological injury and through music they all connect. As all Korean dramas, there is a love triangle which is turned into some weird 6 way shape. Interesting, me likey :D. The male actors where delicious(if you know what I mean ;) Kang Ha-Neul was in To The Beautiful You, I really liked his role in that drama and I think he is an amazing actor and I especially liked his role in Monstar. Highly recommended drama if you are into melodrama-comedy-musicals. Keep in mind that the episodes are really long.
I'll hopefully update more dramas next, but I'm not sure since I will be leaving Muscat and will be spending time with my dad. 
p.s  JunHyun is soooooo HOT!!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Asian dramas you should watch now!! *Part 3* The Hanazakari No Kimitachi E series~

Hello sunshines,
I'm back with another Asian Drama series post. This one is going to be on the three versions on the drama adaptions of Hanazakari no kimitachi e also known as Hana Kimi. 
Plot: The story line is about a girl that moves from the States to Japan in order to help a High Jump athlete return to the field. In order to do that though she disguises herself as a guy and enters an all boy academy. The following dramas have different adaptions to the anime/manga.

1) Hanazakari no kimitachi e (original)
This is probably my favorite adaption. I'm a fan of most of the actors that were used for the show so I guess that plays a big role for me.  I've watched this series twice and as I mentioned before I hate watching series again since I already know what happens, but I really like this one, so I watched it again. In this version of the drama, Osaka Gakuen is in it's prime and everything is good. I preferred the actors in this drama for some reason *cough Hiro Mizushima cough* as well as at first glance I thought I liked the original version but I'm not so sure anymore. Amazing drama 10/10 ^^

2) Hanazakari no kimitachi e 2011
This one I found ok... I'm not sure why though. The plot was very different to the original. Of course they kept the necessary parts (disguising as a boy, love triangle etc etc). They made the school run down, and that it was going to close in 3 months time. Also they kind of changed the chemistry between the characters compared to the original. I think that maybe the over-all reason why I didn't like it as much is because I kept comparing it to the original Hana Kimi. They obviously had to make drastic changes in order to not make it the same. But once I stopped comparing it to the original I really did enjoy it! I definitely liked the ending more. It seemed more dramatic and nice. So Hana Kimi 2, 9.5/10. Highly recommend it!

3) To the beautiful you
This is the Korean adaption to the Hana Kimi series. In all honesty, I think I enjoyed this the most. You would think after watching relatively the same story line twice you wouldn't want to see the third one. But I actually liked this one a lot. They incorporated parts from both of the Japanese versions and incorporated new things also. I was upset about a few things though... They left out Kayashima :(. He was probably my favorite character. Also they didn't really emphasize the other characters like they did in the other Hana Kimi's. They only really emphasized on Jae Hee(Ashiya), Eun Gyeol(Nakatsu) and Tae Joon (Sano). The reason why I didn't like it is because it didn't really create a bond between JaeHee and the other characters so I felt that the goodbye was lacking compare to the other Hana Kimis. So I was pretty bummed out about that.The re-uniting in the end reminded me of Hana Kimi Remake. Over all really nice drama 9/10.

This is a basic problem I have with most Asian dramas or in general movies and series. Why doesn't the girl end up liking the other guy?! I mean, come on! The other guy almost always seem to go to the end of the world for her, but nooo!! She always falls for the guy that she initially liked. That doesn't always happen. In fact the other guy always seems to be the one that is there when there are problems and in real life you usually end up liking the person you know will be there for you. Not the one that makes you feel like crap when you try to help them. The only dramas I think I didn't really see the whole likes the other guy in the end was Dream High (was I the only one? :/ )and of course reply 1997. You thought you knew but then they completely mind fucked you. It was a nice twist. It's kind of annoying when from the start you know who is going to end up with. Ughhhh!! Another thing, why does it seem like Korean Dramas have very bad kissers? I mean seriously?! It looks emotionless, and I'm not being funny but if you're kissing someone that you like you at least try to kiss them with tongue. I don't necessarily want to see them trying to choke each other with their tongues but a bit of a emotional passionate kiss won't kill anyone! Double Ughhhh!

Anyway, that's all for this weeks post, I'll try and do another post next week, but I will be flying out to Muskat on Sunday so I will be busy for the next few days so not sure if I will have time