Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yellow and Green summer Gyaru look~

Hey gals,
today I'm going to show you a cute and easy make-up look perfect for summer. I tried doing a video on this and for some reason it sticks(-_-'') so I just took pictures on how to do it. I hope it is clear enough, if not let me know and I will try filming/ redoing it again ^^

1) Have your lenses on, and apply BB/CC cream foundation or concealer, whatever you wish ^^
2) Apply a beige shimmering eye shadow  to the whole of your lid:

3) Apply a copper color to your crease and blend it out. This will make your eyes look as if they have more depth.
4) Now line your eyes with a green eye shadow and wing it out.
5) With a yellow color line the outer part of your lower lash line
6) Add a shimmering white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger and brighter.
7) Lastly line your eyes with liquid liner. Make sure that the line is very thin so that the green will still show. Put on mascara(optional) and False eye lashes. If your bottom lashes are very thin you can add some mascara and some short lower lashes. Make sure that the lower lashes aren't too dramatic.

8) Put on some light pink blush and a light pink lipstick and you're done ^^

You can experiment this look with different colors like aqua and orange, or any other color you like. It's a very nice colorful look for summer. I'll try and maybe do a few more make-up-picture-how-to's soon ^^

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

iFairy Moe Moe Circle Lens Review~

Hello gals,
 this post is on the iFairy Moe Moe circle lens in Gray. I'm going to start off by saying that I absolutely love these!!
Yeah....Sorry if I scared you*scratches head*
 So this is what they look like in all natural lighting. As you can see they look slightly more hazel on my eyes rather than gray. I personally love these lenses with more of a darker look, I think they look amazing!^^
 More on the lenses:

Base Curve:


Life Span:
1 year.
Water Content:
Needless to say that I LOVE these lenses!! I don't really fit into a specific gyaru category, I dress to how I feel that day, sometimes Hime inspired and others rock inspired. I love these lenses when I do my rock look cause I think that they look so sexy for some reason ^^ . They are super comfy to wear and they enlarge your eyes quite a bit. They were cheap also, I think I got them for around 20$ from Speciallens.
That's all I have to say about these lenses^^

Gyaru VS Ulzzang!

Hello gals,
 today's blog will be a showdown between Gyaru and Ulzzang. I'm going to state the differences between Gyaru and Ulzzang.
 First off, Gyaru. I've talked about 4 times on my blog ( I've even got a post on the types of gyaru!!),but for the sake of this blog I will state everything again. The basics to any gyaru is:
~False Eye Lashes
~Circle Lens
~Heavy Make-Up (eye shadow,blush,bronzer, mascara etc)
~High end fashion
~Well styled hair
~Dyed hair

There are more things for gyaru, but it depends on the style of gyaru that you are. These and common for all gyaru styles. 

Now for Ulzzang. Ulzzang is the basic Korean looks. It literally translates to ''best faced''. Here is how they do their make-up
-Circle lens
-BB/CC cream
-maybe eye shadow and false lashes

 Now for the showdown! Both styles are very nice. Gyaru focuses more on being the center of  attention I mean how can you not stare at a girl with eyes that look like a freakin' anime or how perfectly put together she is? Ulzzang on the other hand, I guess it uses make-up to bring out a woman's natural beauty and focuses on looking more youthful and young.
 I personally consider myself a gyaru, but when I go to school since we're not allowed a lot of make-up I usually do the Ulzzang look since all it is, is Eyeliner , lenses and BB cream. PLUS it is way more easier to just rub BB cream on your face, put on lenses and put on some eyeliner rather then contouring your face, adding false lashes etc etc.
 Another major difference is the way they dress. Gyarus tend to wear more dressy clothes where as Ulzzangs usually dress more casually.
 That's all I have for today's post, if you would like anything particular for my future posts,let me know^^

Friday, 3 May 2013

Barbie King Brown Circle Lens Review!~

Hello my gals,
 today's post is a review on the Barbie King Brown circle lenses. I purchased these about two months ago from Speciallens and they arrived after a month. The shipping in my opinion was really good since it usually takes around 2 months for my things to arrive so I was happy about that ^^ . So I've been wearing these ones quite a lot and I really like them. The color is very natural and it takes a while for people to realize that I'm wearing lenses. 

Picture with Flash:
I did one eye with my gyaru make-up Sakurina inspired ^^ and the other one without so you can see what they look like :

Picture without flash:
 The picture is a bit blurry( ok a lot!) but I took the picture, I got in the shower and then I realized it and I couldn't be arsed to take new ones so.... 


Comfort: 10/10, the recommended time to wear them is 8 hours, but I've worn them for about 10 before and they were fine. I had to apply eye drops only once so that is really good.
Color:10/10, they look really nice on and very natural. I don't recommend them if you want something that looks very outrageous and colorful. 
Size: 10/10, they enlarge your eyes quite a bit and the look really nice when you apply your lashes and everything^^

Overall: I really like them and I do recommend them for people who want a nice subtle look, and it also goes with many different gyaru looks. 

Anyway, that is all for now, I will do a review on the rest of my lenses soon,