Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hello my lovely sunshines,
 I know, I know I haven't blogged in forever, but I have an excuse. I've been really sick so blogging or even opening the laptop hasn't been a priority but I'm back and I have an awesome topic to talk about. So about 2 years ago when I first discovered the wonderful world of gyaru or as I like to call it magical-land-where-you-look-like-a-dolly-and-don't-give-a-damn-about-what-people-say-so-they-can-go-****-themselfs :). Anyway back to the topic, when I first discovered gyaru I had no idea where to buy gyaru stuff without hearing my purse cry. But after a lot of research I found a few places and I would like to share them with you and hopefully they help you out :D
 First off Circle lenses. Every gyaru gal either she is a ganguro, hime-gyaru or gyaru-kei circle lens are a must have. I know that starting out with circle lenses can be a bit nerve racking. If you have never put lenses on before be patient, and I'll try to do a video on how to put on and remove lenses. So anyway, circle lenses can be a bit scary to wear, especially if you're just starting out as a gyaru. But don't worry. There are a lot of types of lenses in a shapes and sizes. You can start with smaller lenses and more simple designs and work your way up to the bigger sizes and with intricate designs. Here are a few of my personal favorite websites: my first pair of lenses was from this website :D, good shipping as well ^_^

Another thing that is important for a gyaru is of course clothes. Finding Japanese clothes,accessories or make-up online can kill your budget. But I found some sites that sell gyaru clothes and ship worldwide! I'm going to put the links based on the types of clothing that they sell: [ I am not sponsored by any of the stores ( yet at least *fingers crossed they do*) and I personally like all of the stores which is why I am recommending them]

Rakuten, Galstar sells hip-edgy clothing.Reasonable price

 Rakuten,DreamV sells the products in 3 categories Hime Hime gyaru dreamv
 Kirei, for more sophisticated gyaru looks Kirei all of them have reasonable prices

 Rakuten,Double Heart I personally like this store cause it has EMODA! :D, has all price ranges

Rakuten, One-and-only has really cute and sexy cosplay outfits (naughty naughty :p) reasonable prices

 Rakuten,Gold Stage sells really nice accessories. cheap and expensive jewelry

 EMODA amazing fashion brand, hyperventilating. I'll talk about it another time. Slightly pricy stuff but very,very nice  

Runway High-end fashion. Amazing pieces of clothing. Might kill you budget though...

Lizlisa, Hime-gyaru fashion. Quite pricy but super kawaii! Also has stuff for the bedroom (not in the naughty meaning ;) ) Not the most reasonable stuff I have seen, but very nice.

  Shibuya 109,  is the main shopping district in Tokyo, and this is the web store for it. It has brand like CECIL Mcbee, Ank Rouge, MA*RS . Basically everything gyaru. Affordable and Expensive things

 zipia it's more Ulzzang rather than gyaru since it is a Korean web-site. But still things for gyaru gals to wear. Affordable things, and a bit of everything, cute and edgy.

 YESSTYLE I'm pretty sure a lot of people know yesstyle. It's kind of like an online shopping mall. You can find clothes, make-up, shoes,bags everything! Price range is from cheap to expensive. 

 Now, some websites don't ship out of Japan,or they only ship to the U.S.A. , and what happens when you live abroad? 
 TENSO is a website that gives you and ''address'' in Japan. Your stuff is sent there and the immediately is sent to your country! But there is a problem with that. It has restrictions as of which countries it ships to. So you can also use MYUS have an ''address'' in the US. MYUS ship WORLDWIDE so you won't have a problem with that. 

International Stores for gyaru!!
There are many international stores when gyarus also shop in, I'll list them below and also add their online web stores if they have : ( You don't have to use these stores!)
  • H&M
  • Chanel 
  • Dolce and Cabbana
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • GAP
  • Louis Vuitton
  • etc etc
Cosmetic brands, you can buy these online. You don't have to use these they're just preferred brands by gyarus.
  • Anna Sui
  • Jill Stuart
  • Candy Doll & Dolly Wink
  • Diamond Lash
  • Eyemazing
  • Kanebo
  • LUSH
  • M.A.C.
  • Bobby Brown
  • Rimmel
  • Revlon
  • etc etc 
So that's all for now. I'll update the blog when I have new websites to add.You don't have to buy things from these brands to be gyaru. Be gyaru in your own way, that's what gyaru is about , expressing your own style.
Anyway later babes,

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fall 2012 Gyaru Trends~

Hello my little rays of sun!
 I am currently watching season 6 of criminal minds and spent the whole of my Sunday morning checking up the websites for the newest Gyaru trends for September. Fall is me 3rd most favorite season, but in Cyprus we either have winter of summer, fall and spring last for about only 3 weeks, so it's either scorching hot or freezing cold -_-' , but I can take the cold so I usually go through winter wearing thick jumpers and hoodies, I despise coats! I have a weight complex as it is, and coats just add to it lol.
 But moving on... I was checking up Rakuten this morning as well as Yesstyle and cheesies blogs to see what I could find and reading popteen online.

MUST HAVE COLORS: This season it's all about keeping to muted tones. Wine red is one of my favorite colors for fall. To always look chic in fall stick to warm colors with a light hint of a cool color in them.
 Beautiful dress from Yesstyle, I love the back and the sweet heart neckline!

  Cute jumper, good for school as well, will go nicely with tight black jeans and a nice pair on black pumps.

  I love these two dresses, casual but dressy as well, Asia loves it's short dresses ( short everything, the more leg the better it seems :p), the color is perfect for fall, pair them with a nice cardigan and a flat or kitten heel and perfection.
  I know I said I hate coats, but I love trench coats. I think they always look sexy and give women nice shape, no matter your size.
 This dress is so cute! I love sailor dresses, and I just love them no explanation needed! Cardigan and Knit sweaters are a must in my closet.
  I live in cardigans since I own A LOT of spaghetti strap tops and cardigans and I hate showing my shoulders and back ( influence of Korean fashion?) and there's something about knit sweaters that just make you want to cuddle up in a corner with hot cocoa and a book.
 Now for the good part, I am a shoe whore! I love shoes, especially heels!I especially love the boots with the lace at the top, and and and I just love shoes so shh!!
  I love knee high socks, but i rarely wear them cause , well i don't really wear skirts that often and I can never find any in Cyprus that I really really like.

I'll do another post soon on hair and make-up for fall so be patient and wait for that :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

K-Drama Review: Boys Over Flowers

Hello my sunshines,
How are you all? I'm enjoying the last of my summer holidays since my school opens soon. I don't think it's really a coincidence that it opens on 9/11...
 Anyway, In my last post I did a review on Hana Yori Dango and in todays post I'm going to review the Korean version of the series.I really liked this series, but as for being called ''Boys Over Flowers'' I don't fits.  It could be based on the anime/manga but have a different name. The plot had many,many alterations compared to the anime.

Quick Overview:
The story line is based on the anime.Pour girl Geum Jandi goes to the rich school of Korea, there she has a fight with the leader of the F4 and in the end they fall in love etc etc.

I found SO many differences in this drama which is why I find it hard to call it ''Boys Over Flowers''. The meeting scene was off, the date scene was wrong-ish, the whole competitions NEVER happened, the whole JiHoos family thing didn't happen, the memory loss scene didn't happen,and I wasn't fond of the ending.
 For me personally, I live for the impact that the ending give and this was very boring. I feel that in general Korean dramas tend to have an amazing story line, but the endings always suck and they are finished off so roughly to get it over and done with.
 On to the whole plot story:
The ''meet'' scene was different just like in the Japanese one, but in this one Jandi dropped her ice cream on Joon-Pyos shoe.  To my knowledge, the date scene was slightly off, what I mean by that. In the anime Tsukushi and Tsukasa were closed in an elevator, where as in the Korean drama Joon-Pyo and Jan-Di were where closed in a skii-lift-thing ( i can't remember the name :/), it wasn't that big of a difference, but you know....
The cheat scene was perfect! They were on an island, Jandi and Jihoo kissed perfect. What annoyed me was what followed. They had the whole competitions happening, I didn't find them bad or anything just really different. I don't want to say much about Jihoos family thing,cause there isn't much to say about it anyway, and the memory loss scene is exactly the same as in the Japanese drama so I refuse ( cause I can :D) to say what happened. Now for the ending. I love Korean dramas, the plots are always interesting and have a lot going on and the actors and HOT! as well ;p, but the thing that I always hate is the ENDINGS!! there are so many episodes that have amazing endings that would be perfect for the series ending, but the ending are horrible! I always feel that they rush to finish off the script so they just put ''Okay, the bad person learns their lesson, these couples end up together they are all happy,THE END!!'' and that really annoys me! In fact, I watched the Japanese drama this year and the Korean one last year, and for some reason I thought that the Japanese one wouldn't be as good, but I found it better ( the ending especially), of course there are things in the Korean drama that I found better but my preference is the Japanese one.

 The songs!!:
I loooooved the soundtracks for this series! I'm a big SS501 fan and I was so happy to hear my oppas songs :).
SS501~ Because I'm Stupid , Making A Lover
 SHINee~ Stand By Me
 Ashily ~ Lucky 
T-MAX ~ Paradise   

I know through the whole post it sounded like I was bashing this drama, but honestly this is one of my most favorite dramas of all time, if I was rating it as ''Boys over flower'' after the anime, i would rate it 3/5 cause the plot and stories were quite different from the anime, but if I was rating it as a drama , I would rate it 5/5. I loved this drama and watched it in 2 days, my computer chair had my butt imprinted on it lol!

Starting from Tuesday I'll be posting really rarely ( could I post more rarely than i do?) due to school, and I do all my A-levels after school so it's a pain in the ass. But, I'm thinking on doing a few gyaru tutorials on youtube, what do you think? If you want me to let me know :D
Amy xoxo  

Saturday, 4 August 2012

J-Drama Review~ Hana Yori Dango

Hello my sunshines,
 How are you all doing? Well I'm currently stuck in my airconditioned room because if I go outside I will melt *reenacts the witch from wizard of oz * . 
As you can read from the Titles today I will be reviewing the world famous Hana Yori Dango Drama.
The drama is based on the famous manga/anime Boys Over flowers and was turned into a drama in 2005 and had a second season aired in 2007.It also has a Korean version of the series aired on t.v. in 2009, but I will talk about that another time.

Quick overview of the story:
 The story takes place in Japan. A girl named Tsukushi Makino a pauper enters a school  for the most wealthiest in Japan. One day her friend Sakurako spills orange juice on the leader of the F4.He proceeds to give her the ''red cards'' which turns the whole school against her. Unlike the others the fights back and doesn't kneel to him. One of the members of the F4 can't stand the bullying and helps her out and Tsukushi falls for him. After a while Tsukasa (the Leader ) falls in love with tsukushi and expresses his feeling for her, but for a while she is in love with Rui Hanazawa ( a.k.a. the nice guy). The whole story is based around the love triangle and Tsukasas mother being against the relationship against the rich heir of the family and a mere pauper.

I watched the anime about 1 year ago or so, so I don't remember much. But as far as I can remember, the drama is pretty spot on.The biggest differences I could find was , how Tsukushi got the red card, the cheat scene with Rui, Tsukasa moving to New York and the memory loss scene. Let me explain what I mean.
In the anime, Tsukushi got the red card because her friend fell on Tsukasa and she stood up for her, where as in the drama Sakurako spilled orange juice on him.The cheat scene was what really disappointed me though, according to the anime, Tsukushi kissed Rui when they were on holiday on a island. But in the drama they were in the school, that wouldn't bother me that much but the fact that they didn't even kiss, they hugged was what bothered me. I understand that flying them out to an island would cost a lot of money, but a kiss would have been ok.Tsukasa moving to America, I don't find it a bad thing, I actually really liked the idea, cause it meant that there would be a season 2 as well so I consider it a bonus. Now for the memory loss scene.In the drama when Tsukushis family move away and she joins them, Tsukasa went there and hurt him self, thus getting memory loss and forgetting that she even exists. Like I said before, I don't remember much from the anime, but I remember that he never loss his memory, but I understand that for the sake of having a few more episodes and it being a ''take'' on the anime, they had to have a few differences to keep it more interesting.

I loved the soundtrack! All of the songs were nice and thanks to the drama I'm a HUGE arashi fan now :)
Song names:
Arashi~ Love So Sweet, Wish
Ai Otsuka~ Planetarium 
Utada Hikaru~ Flavor Of Life

Over all a fantastic drama so I will rate it 4.9/5 . I took away 0.1 because I was disappointed with the cheat scene, but the plot was amazing and I finished off both season 1&2 in 3 days so  it was really good and I have no life. I know a lot some of the actors from other dramas like Rui was Sano in Hana Kimi and Akira from Koizora so bonus ;)

So that's all for todays post. I'm currently watching GTO and To The Beautiful You but I will review them only when they are finished. I've watched a few other dramas and will review them soon.
Take care,

Worlds Biggest Mosque, 8-star Hotel & Ferrari World!

Hello my sunshines,
( I have decided to be opening my blog like this [ I have no idea why though lol!])
Like I mentioned in my previous post, I visited Abu Dhabi whilst in Dubai. The experience is one in a life time! The architectures of the buildings is outstanding!

 We left the house at about 10 am. and arrived at 12, since we were lost for like  45 min -_-

Ok so I first stop was Sheikh Zayeed Mosque. At the entrance there will be women giving you ladies habaya (i have no idea how it is spelt lol) [fyi it's the black dresses that arabic women wear] and if you are mail and you are wearing shorts they will give you as well. 
Few pics of how it is outside-

These are mosaics that were on the walls. This one had a water tap thinggy  also. The water was cool and refreshing ;)

The head piece is made out of 24k gold! And there are like i don't know 100 of them!

When we arrived it was prayer time so we were outside in the freakin' heat! Thank god the bathrooms had aircon, we stayed in there for like 20 mins lol. 
The prayers wash their feet here before they pray

Another freakin' huge mosaic!

Entering the Mosque. There is a little hall way thing before you enter . Oh p.s. you have to take your shoes off to enter, the floor was freezing! But it was so pretty~

Now the good part, this place was gorgeous! I can't even describe in words how beautiful it was. The carpet you see, it the worlds biggest. And it's all ONE PIECE! Honestly, this is the most beautiful place i have ever seen!It's breath taking~

Once we left the mosque we went to Emirates palace, it's a 8star hotel. Abu Dhabis sheikh used to live there and now it's a huge-ass-expensive hotel! But boy was it gorgeous.

Even the freakin' doornobs had diamonds on them!

We didn't really do anything at ferrari world :/ , we just camwhored for a bit and left.We hadn't eaten all day and were starving so we took a few pics and left and all of our cams died of battery -_-.I think they have the worlds fastest roller coaster , it goes to 210 k/h in just 2sec.! But in the summer it doesn't work so if you are planning to go I would advise winter time :)

That was all for my trip to abu dhabi, if you have any questions, ask me and if I can I will answer them ;)
Till next time,