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K-Drama Review: Boys Over Flowers

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How are you all? I'm enjoying the last of my summer holidays since my school opens soon. I don't think it's really a coincidence that it opens on 9/11...
 Anyway, In my last post I did a review on Hana Yori Dango and in todays post I'm going to review the Korean version of the series.I really liked this series, but as for being called ''Boys Over Flowers'' I don't fits.  It could be based on the anime/manga but have a different name. The plot had many,many alterations compared to the anime.

Quick Overview:
The story line is based on the anime.Pour girl Geum Jandi goes to the rich school of Korea, there she has a fight with the leader of the F4 and in the end they fall in love etc etc.

I found SO many differences in this drama which is why I find it hard to call it ''Boys Over Flowers''. The meeting scene was off, the date scene was wrong-ish, the whole competitions NEVER happened, the whole JiHoos family thing didn't happen, the memory loss scene didn't happen,and I wasn't fond of the ending.
 For me personally, I live for the impact that the ending give and this was very boring. I feel that in general Korean dramas tend to have an amazing story line, but the endings always suck and they are finished off so roughly to get it over and done with.
 On to the whole plot story:
The ''meet'' scene was different just like in the Japanese one, but in this one Jandi dropped her ice cream on Joon-Pyos shoe.  To my knowledge, the date scene was slightly off, what I mean by that. In the anime Tsukushi and Tsukasa were closed in an elevator, where as in the Korean drama Joon-Pyo and Jan-Di were where closed in a skii-lift-thing ( i can't remember the name :/), it wasn't that big of a difference, but you know....
The cheat scene was perfect! They were on an island, Jandi and Jihoo kissed perfect. What annoyed me was what followed. They had the whole competitions happening, I didn't find them bad or anything just really different. I don't want to say much about Jihoos family thing,cause there isn't much to say about it anyway, and the memory loss scene is exactly the same as in the Japanese drama so I refuse ( cause I can :D) to say what happened. Now for the ending. I love Korean dramas, the plots are always interesting and have a lot going on and the actors and HOT! as well ;p, but the thing that I always hate is the ENDINGS!! there are so many episodes that have amazing endings that would be perfect for the series ending, but the ending are horrible! I always feel that they rush to finish off the script so they just put ''Okay, the bad person learns their lesson, these couples end up together they are all happy,THE END!!'' and that really annoys me! In fact, I watched the Japanese drama this year and the Korean one last year, and for some reason I thought that the Japanese one wouldn't be as good, but I found it better ( the ending especially), of course there are things in the Korean drama that I found better but my preference is the Japanese one.

 The songs!!:
I loooooved the soundtracks for this series! I'm a big SS501 fan and I was so happy to hear my oppas songs :).
SS501~ Because I'm Stupid , Making A Lover
 SHINee~ Stand By Me
 Ashily ~ Lucky 
T-MAX ~ Paradise   

I know through the whole post it sounded like I was bashing this drama, but honestly this is one of my most favorite dramas of all time, if I was rating it as ''Boys over flower'' after the anime, i would rate it 3/5 cause the plot and stories were quite different from the anime, but if I was rating it as a drama , I would rate it 5/5. I loved this drama and watched it in 2 days, my computer chair had my butt imprinted on it lol!

Starting from Tuesday I'll be posting really rarely ( could I post more rarely than i do?) due to school, and I do all my A-levels after school so it's a pain in the ass. But, I'm thinking on doing a few gyaru tutorials on youtube, what do you think? If you want me to let me know :D
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