Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fall 2012 Gyaru Trends~

Hello my little rays of sun!
 I am currently watching season 6 of criminal minds and spent the whole of my Sunday morning checking up the websites for the newest Gyaru trends for September. Fall is me 3rd most favorite season, but in Cyprus we either have winter of summer, fall and spring last for about only 3 weeks, so it's either scorching hot or freezing cold -_-' , but I can take the cold so I usually go through winter wearing thick jumpers and hoodies, I despise coats! I have a weight complex as it is, and coats just add to it lol.
 But moving on... I was checking up Rakuten this morning as well as Yesstyle and cheesies blogs to see what I could find and reading popteen online.

MUST HAVE COLORS: This season it's all about keeping to muted tones. Wine red is one of my favorite colors for fall. To always look chic in fall stick to warm colors with a light hint of a cool color in them.
 Beautiful dress from Yesstyle, I love the back and the sweet heart neckline!

  Cute jumper, good for school as well, will go nicely with tight black jeans and a nice pair on black pumps.

  I love these two dresses, casual but dressy as well, Asia loves it's short dresses ( short everything, the more leg the better it seems :p), the color is perfect for fall, pair them with a nice cardigan and a flat or kitten heel and perfection.
  I know I said I hate coats, but I love trench coats. I think they always look sexy and give women nice shape, no matter your size.
 This dress is so cute! I love sailor dresses, and I just love them no explanation needed! Cardigan and Knit sweaters are a must in my closet.
  I live in cardigans since I own A LOT of spaghetti strap tops and cardigans and I hate showing my shoulders and back ( influence of Korean fashion?) and there's something about knit sweaters that just make you want to cuddle up in a corner with hot cocoa and a book.
 Now for the good part, I am a shoe whore! I love shoes, especially heels!I especially love the boots with the lace at the top, and and and I just love shoes so shh!!
  I love knee high socks, but i rarely wear them cause , well i don't really wear skirts that often and I can never find any in Cyprus that I really really like.

I'll do another post soon on hair and make-up for fall so be patient and wait for that :)

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