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J-Drama Review~ Hana Yori Dango

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As you can read from the Titles today I will be reviewing the world famous Hana Yori Dango Drama.
The drama is based on the famous manga/anime Boys Over flowers and was turned into a drama in 2005 and had a second season aired in 2007.It also has a Korean version of the series aired on t.v. in 2009, but I will talk about that another time.

Quick overview of the story:
 The story takes place in Japan. A girl named Tsukushi Makino a pauper enters a school  for the most wealthiest in Japan. One day her friend Sakurako spills orange juice on the leader of the F4.He proceeds to give her the ''red cards'' which turns the whole school against her. Unlike the others the fights back and doesn't kneel to him. One of the members of the F4 can't stand the bullying and helps her out and Tsukushi falls for him. After a while Tsukasa (the Leader ) falls in love with tsukushi and expresses his feeling for her, but for a while she is in love with Rui Hanazawa ( a.k.a. the nice guy). The whole story is based around the love triangle and Tsukasas mother being against the relationship against the rich heir of the family and a mere pauper.

I watched the anime about 1 year ago or so, so I don't remember much. But as far as I can remember, the drama is pretty spot on.The biggest differences I could find was , how Tsukushi got the red card, the cheat scene with Rui, Tsukasa moving to New York and the memory loss scene. Let me explain what I mean.
In the anime, Tsukushi got the red card because her friend fell on Tsukasa and she stood up for her, where as in the drama Sakurako spilled orange juice on him.The cheat scene was what really disappointed me though, according to the anime, Tsukushi kissed Rui when they were on holiday on a island. But in the drama they were in the school, that wouldn't bother me that much but the fact that they didn't even kiss, they hugged was what bothered me. I understand that flying them out to an island would cost a lot of money, but a kiss would have been ok.Tsukasa moving to America, I don't find it a bad thing, I actually really liked the idea, cause it meant that there would be a season 2 as well so I consider it a bonus. Now for the memory loss scene.In the drama when Tsukushis family move away and she joins them, Tsukasa went there and hurt him self, thus getting memory loss and forgetting that she even exists. Like I said before, I don't remember much from the anime, but I remember that he never loss his memory, but I understand that for the sake of having a few more episodes and it being a ''take'' on the anime, they had to have a few differences to keep it more interesting.

I loved the soundtrack! All of the songs were nice and thanks to the drama I'm a HUGE arashi fan now :)
Song names:
Arashi~ Love So Sweet, Wish
Ai Otsuka~ Planetarium 
Utada Hikaru~ Flavor Of Life

Over all a fantastic drama so I will rate it 4.9/5 . I took away 0.1 because I was disappointed with the cheat scene, but the plot was amazing and I finished off both season 1&2 in 3 days so  it was really good and I have no life. I know a lot some of the actors from other dramas like Rui was Sano in Hana Kimi and Akira from Koizora so bonus ;)

So that's all for todays post. I'm currently watching GTO and To The Beautiful You but I will review them only when they are finished. I've watched a few other dramas and will review them soon.
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