Saturday, 4 August 2012

Worlds Biggest Mosque, 8-star Hotel & Ferrari World!

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( I have decided to be opening my blog like this [ I have no idea why though lol!])
Like I mentioned in my previous post, I visited Abu Dhabi whilst in Dubai. The experience is one in a life time! The architectures of the buildings is outstanding!

 We left the house at about 10 am. and arrived at 12, since we were lost for like  45 min -_-

Ok so I first stop was Sheikh Zayeed Mosque. At the entrance there will be women giving you ladies habaya (i have no idea how it is spelt lol) [fyi it's the black dresses that arabic women wear] and if you are mail and you are wearing shorts they will give you as well. 
Few pics of how it is outside-

These are mosaics that were on the walls. This one had a water tap thinggy  also. The water was cool and refreshing ;)

The head piece is made out of 24k gold! And there are like i don't know 100 of them!

When we arrived it was prayer time so we were outside in the freakin' heat! Thank god the bathrooms had aircon, we stayed in there for like 20 mins lol. 
The prayers wash their feet here before they pray

Another freakin' huge mosaic!

Entering the Mosque. There is a little hall way thing before you enter . Oh p.s. you have to take your shoes off to enter, the floor was freezing! But it was so pretty~

Now the good part, this place was gorgeous! I can't even describe in words how beautiful it was. The carpet you see, it the worlds biggest. And it's all ONE PIECE! Honestly, this is the most beautiful place i have ever seen!It's breath taking~

Once we left the mosque we went to Emirates palace, it's a 8star hotel. Abu Dhabis sheikh used to live there and now it's a huge-ass-expensive hotel! But boy was it gorgeous.

Even the freakin' doornobs had diamonds on them!

We didn't really do anything at ferrari world :/ , we just camwhored for a bit and left.We hadn't eaten all day and were starving so we took a few pics and left and all of our cams died of battery -_-.I think they have the worlds fastest roller coaster , it goes to 210 k/h in just 2sec.! But in the summer it doesn't work so if you are planning to go I would advise winter time :)

That was all for my trip to abu dhabi, if you have any questions, ask me and if I can I will answer them ;)
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