Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin, Free! , Ao no Exorcist + K(project)

Hello marshmallows,
yes, 2 posts in a week! I didn't want to include these ones in the last list since these are still new and ongoing. I will be going into more detail on my opinion on these so they will be quite a few spoilers.

Free! Iwatonbi Swim Club.
This anime is over all Eye Candy. And big time as well. The story line is quite nice and simple. It's about a  group of boys that like to swim. When they were younger they all went to the same swimming club together, and one day one Rei (one of the guys) left to go to an Australian swim school as his dream was to go to the Olympics. The re-unite in Highschool when they find out that their old swim club is being torn down so they can collect their old trophy which they buried. There they meet Rei again. The plot in my opinion is very simple, it's about 4(now 5) guys that like to swim. The graphics are similar to Reborn! so the basic anime graphics. BIG thumbs up for the lovely eye candy ^^ 10/10

Shingeki no Kyojin
Oh My God! I am speechless on this anime. From the first episode I was addicted. I dare say that it might be up the on the list close to One Piece for me? I'm not quite sure yet since it is a new anime and usually once anime's come out there is a huge blow up about them. The plot is about a boy named Eren Jaeger and his adoptive sister Mikasa. They live in a period where titans live on earth and are the enemy of humanity. In order to survive the humans built walls to keep the titans out. After a century, one day the titans broke through the walls and ate thousands of people. Eren was present to his mother being eaten by a titan and swore that he would kill them all. I really like the story line and the over all idea of the anime. They said that they would only make 25 episodes and in my opinion that is only as far as they can go. Unlike other anime's such as One Piece or Fairy Tail where they can keep on adding to the plot this one pretty much ends once they defeat the titans. I think the only way they would be able to continue it, is if the humans started travelling to other parts of the world ( I believe that the anime takes part in the western part since Mikasa is said to be the only orient left) such as Asia, Africa etc etc. In those countries perhaps the titans have other weak spots. The graphics in this anime are the best I've ever seen so I give a BIG thumbs up to that. I highly recommend this anime. 10/10

Ao no Exorcist
This one is a slightly older anime being made in 2011, but who cares. I loved it. Just like SNK  from the first episode I loved it. I watched the whole series in 1 day(dunno why I'm so proud of it...) The story is about 2 twins who are brought up by an exorcist. The twins are the spawns of Satan and after 15 years the oldest twin's (Rin) powers awaken. Their human father is murdered in an attempt to save the oldest twin. After that Rin vowed to get revenge on his fathers death by killing Satan. The anime has only 1 season (25 episodes) but from what I read they are planing to make a new one. The manga is still ongoing for those who are interested. I really liked this series. Again, it has to do with supernatural powers and  what not so of course I liked it :) 9.5/10, the 0.5 is because I was disappointed when I found out that after episode 15, the anime episodes where fillers -_-'' , but still very enjoyable ^^

K (project)
Mind blown! This story was so intriguing. I can't explain it. Again, supernatural powers blah blah. In this earth there are 7 kings, blue, red, silver, gold etc etc. Each one of them has a special power. One day one of the comrade of the red king was murdered and the whole gang is set out to find the murderer and kill him. Their comrade's last moments were found on tape and the killer is shown. Shiro a normal high school student looks like the killer and is being pursued by many people. In the end is he really innocent...? Very enjoyable, has many unexpected surprises 9.8/10

That's all for this weeks. I'm planning on uploading a make-up tutorial soon so please watch it(please???:( ) Anyway that's all,
Amy xx^^

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