Saturday, 14 September 2013

My tumblr

Hello sunshines,
this is just a quick update post cause I haven't really done much recently. School started on the 10th and since it's my last year at school and I'm aiming to get a 18 ( out of 20) minimum  score for my graduation certificate I'm going to mostly study my ass off. So less updating on my blog. BUT I have a tumblr, so if you are interested you can follow me on there. I usually update it every day mostly things on anime, k-pop, fashion etc. I mentioned in my previous posts that I will try to upload more make up tutorials on my YouTube account, but for some reason I tried filming a few (of the same look) but it just looked horrible, so I will try again in hopes that it turns out good.  Anyway this is my tumblr account if you are interested straawcherry

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