Monday, 19 August 2013

Anime Review

Hello marshmallows,
like I've mentioned before I don't only watch Asian Dramas, but I am a HUGE Otaku (otaku= Japanese for a very big anime fan). I've watched so many anime's that I can't really remember half of them! Ok, I lie. I remember all of them by heart :D Unlike Dramas, I like almost all genres of anime's, horror, adventure, romance, comedy, yaoi. You name it. These are the ones I have watched up until now. *side note* If I watch an anime I don't read the manga since I really hate knowing what is going to happen. I have read manga's that haven't been made into anime's (yet) though.

1) One Piece.
Enough said. One piece. I don't really think that there is a better anime than One Piece. I watched a few episodes as a child and started watching it 3 years ago when I found it again. I have to admit, the first 2 arcs are kind of slow, but after that it really picks up. There are 600+ episodes and it is ongoing. Best anime ever!! 16/10, I don't think it is allowed but since this is my blog it is :)

2) Fairy tail.
I really like fairy tail. I guess the reason as to why is because it is really similar to one piece. Hear me out. Hiro Mashima ( creator of Fairy Tail) said himself that he was really inspired by Odas work on One Piece and thus created Fairy Tail. A lot of the characters have similar relationships and in general their characters are alike. It stopped in March 2013 but it is said to start again. Nice if you like action and super power anime 9/10

3) Reborn!
Ahhhh, reborn! The first long anime I ever started watching. I was so upset when they stopped it on the 203rd episode. It's a brilliant anime. The story line is really good and interesting up to the point where I would just sit and watch it all day. My major complaint is probably some of the fight scenes in the anime. They took up a few too many episodes. But then again, it's an action anime so it kinda makes sense. I really like anime's that have to do with supernatural powers etc etc so of course I like it. They were meant to continue the anime after taking a short break, but that didn't happen and to my knowledge the manga also stopped now (not quite sure, I don't really read manga). Love it 9.5/10

4) Say I love you
Love, Love, LOVE!! Omfg!! Cutest anime ever!! The story line is very similar to the basic Asian drama plot. Popular guy, falls for a girl that hasn't got much, hurdles in the way blah blah blah, they end up together. But I don't know why I loved it so much. I have to admit, I did read the manga first and when I found out about the anime, I started watching it. The graphics are kind of close to My Neighbor Totoro, so I like it. It has kind of and old anime feel to it I guess? Nice romantic anime, 9.8/10

5) Death Note
:D *dies* (from)The.Best.Anime.Ever! Amazing,brilliant, ingenious! The plot is about a teenager named Light Yagami who meets a shinigami and steals his note book known as the death note. If you write someones name, time and way of death in it, it happens. He uses it for what he believes is for the good of man kind by killing off the evil villains. A detective named L(not infinite's Myungsoo :) tries to find out who keeps killing these people and suspects Light. The plot basically evolves around that. I disliked one thing about this anime though. * HUGE SPOILER* the episodes after L died became boring. 9/10

These are probably my favorite anime's of all time. I have more but these are the ones that I like most. I will post more anime's that I've watched :)
Amy xx 

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