Sunday, 11 August 2013

Asian dramas you need to watch now!! *Part 4*

Hello sunshines,
ok so it's like this, I will only be reviewing Monstar this week because of the following reasons : 1) Each episode goes for 1:20 minutes which is like watching two 45 minute episodes. 2) I spent my last 3 days in Cyprus out with my family so I didn't really have time to sit and watch dramas. So without further ado, Monstar!

  I looooved this drama 9.5/10. I'm not really fond of Musicals as in movies, but for some reason I really enjoy musical Asian dramas. I liked the fact that it DID build up the relationships between the characters and it explained a bit the reason why each one acted the way that they did. The plot takes place at a normal Korean High School where a Hallyu star starts going to school to improve his image. While there he meets different kids and they form a band to perform at a show in order to get themselves out of punishment (which was for something they didn't do). Each one of them has some sort of psychological injury and through music they all connect. As all Korean dramas, there is a love triangle which is turned into some weird 6 way shape. Interesting, me likey :D. The male actors where delicious(if you know what I mean ;) Kang Ha-Neul was in To The Beautiful You, I really liked his role in that drama and I think he is an amazing actor and I especially liked his role in Monstar. Highly recommended drama if you are into melodrama-comedy-musicals. Keep in mind that the episodes are really long.
I'll hopefully update more dramas next, but I'm not sure since I will be leaving Muscat and will be spending time with my dad. 
p.s  JunHyun is soooooo HOT!!!

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