Monday, 18 March 2013

Dariya Palty: Sparkling Blonde Review~

Hello Sunshines,
it's been a while....Yeah,umm sorry about that. I haven't really had anything to blog about. I bought a bunch of things online in the past month, but nothing has really arrived. Except my dariya palty dye. I've never really bleached my hair blonde before, because my mum and family say that it won't suit me. But, I decided to bleach it in the end.I was originally going to do a video on my dying my hair, but I looked so freakin' weird in the video. I showed it to my best friend and she's like " you look like you are on crack!!!"and I was like  "wtf ???!".Anyway, I didn't take pictures of me dying it either cause the process is exactly the same as dying it with the other palty dye, only difference is that you also add a bleach package. I found one thing really odd about the dye though. I cut my hair quite short, to shoulder length and the dye wasn't enough!! When my hair was longer the dye was enough, there was even some left. So i'm thinking that maybe there is less dye with the bleach dye, or my hair has gotten thicker. Let's go with option number 2 :D. By the way, I also got the "Beauty Mauve". This is the first time I've found this dye. I'm guessing that it gets discontinued or it's hard to find. But none the less, I want to try the dye, but I like my hair color now and if I dye it with the purple I won't be able to dye it back easily. 

 So let me show you the package of the dye. 

 As you can see it has exactly the same things as their other dyes, but it also has a bleach package with it. Let me explain though how you mix them. You put the formula 2 in the formula 1 bottle. Shake it well, and when it's combined add the bleach package, close it mix again and then put the comb shape nozzle to the formula 1 bottle. Apply to your hair, leave it on for 25-30 minutes rinse it off. Add the serum to your hair and it's done.

My hair Before:

Extremely sexy as you can see...

So this is what my hair turned out like.

My roots are a different color than the ends of my hair because my natural hair color is nearly back. The color as you can see is almost an orang-y color. I advise using the purple shampoos that stop your hair from going brassy. Since it is a bleach, I found that by using the purple shampoos it has gone more blonde than the orange it originally was. 
 When I took the pictures it was the 17 of March (Cyprus's carnival) so I got made up and stuff. I was going to go with sort of a rock gyaru style, but I couldn't be arsed and it was so cold! So here is what I wore:

  Excuse the mess in the background *scratches head*. By the way, you remember Yuuki right? My little German Spitz Klein dog. Well she gave birth back in November. I didn't really post any pics of the puppies cause, I forgot :D. Anywho, she gave birth to 4 puppies, 2 girls 2 boys. We gave the females away and we have the 2 males. Here are 2 pictures of how they are now:

This is Kimchi. He is kind of the loner one. He is SO BIG AND FLUFFY!!! I just want to squeeze him till he explodes!

This is Totoro (the brown thing getting eaten by Yuuki). He is such a little wus! But adorable! He isn't as big as kimchi, he has the same body shape as Yuuki but for some reason she tortures him all the time.... Any way...
Content: 3/5, the dye wasn't enough for my hair and I had to add bleach processor is it? I don't know :/
Damage: 4.5/5 as usual, I don't find that the palty dyes destroy my hair as much as normal hair dyes, and my hair doesn't feel crispy and fried.
Color: 4.9999999/5. I really like the color. Once I dyed it, I hated it cause it was a HUGE difference from the other colors that I've dyed my hair. But I do really like it now. The only thing that I found bad is that I expected the color to be more blonde rather than orang-y.

This is a quick update. I just redyed my hair with the Sparkling Blonde. The last time I dyed it it came out orange-y yellow and I believe the reason why is because I previously dyed my hair with the Bleach Brown one so it came out that way. Now that I redyed it, it came out a lovely blonde color. I also believe that they might have changed the dye because it came in a different box, and I checked and it is the Sparkling blonde so I'm not sure....
 So anyway, the next few blogs I will do will be reviews on contact lenses. I'm thinking about maybe doing a make-up tutorial or hair tutorial video. If you want me to do one let me know in the comment, and what kind of tutorial^^
That's all for this blog and I will try to write more often,
 With Love,Amy

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