Monday, 1 April 2013

New upcoming segments on my blog!

Hello everyone!
it's been a while (as per usual). I'm not going to make excuses such as ''I don't have time to blog'', so I'm going to be honest. I have nothing to blog about! I usually talk about gyaru fashion, but where I live there aren't any gyarus (or to my knowledge) so I don't have a lot to talk about. So I've decided to come up with a few things to update my blog more frequently. Not all of them have to do with fashion, but some are related to it. I don't want this post to be long so I will get straight to the point.
 To start off, I've been recently thinking (as I have mentioned before in some of my posts) to do some make-up/hair tutorials on YouTube for gyaru make-up/hair. But I don't really have the courage yet to do such a thing. So I was thinking of other things to do so I can do more frequent posts. I decided that once a month I will upload my Outfits Of The Month. Why only once a month? For starters, I usually have school 5 days a week 7:30-1:35 and at my school we have to wear a uniform and we're not allowed make-up -_-''. And after that I either have lessons, go to my friends house or stay home watching anime(personal favorite!). The only time I go out is on the weekends and that's when I get gyaru-ed-up. So I will be uploading the outfits that I wore that month^^
 Next I hope to do some reviews on products that I buy. I recently purchased some circle lenses and I've been really satisfied with them so I will review them, soon. I will also be buying some other things so hopefully when I get them I will review them. 
 Finally, music plays a HUGE role in my life. 89.9999% of the time I am awake I listen to music. Even in class. Side note: I am a very lazy and bad student *scratches head*. In order to satisfy my love for music and blogging every week or two I will be blogging about what songs I've been listening to. I listen to a whole variety of songs from K-pop to Rock/Metal so those blogs shall be very interesting (I hope) 
 This is all I've come up with till now. If you have any suggestions for blogs you would like me to do just let me know^^ I've almost finished my post comparing Ulzzang to Gyaru so that will be up soon. Anyway, that is all for now, talk to you in my next post.

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