Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gyaru VS Ulzzang!

Hello gals,
 today's blog will be a showdown between Gyaru and Ulzzang. I'm going to state the differences between Gyaru and Ulzzang.
 First off, Gyaru. I've talked about 4 times on my blog ( I've even got a post on the types of gyaru!!),but for the sake of this blog I will state everything again. The basics to any gyaru is:
~False Eye Lashes
~Circle Lens
~Heavy Make-Up (eye shadow,blush,bronzer, mascara etc)
~High end fashion
~Well styled hair
~Dyed hair

There are more things for gyaru, but it depends on the style of gyaru that you are. These and common for all gyaru styles. 

Now for Ulzzang. Ulzzang is the basic Korean looks. It literally translates to ''best faced''. Here is how they do their make-up
-Circle lens
-BB/CC cream
-maybe eye shadow and false lashes

 Now for the showdown! Both styles are very nice. Gyaru focuses more on being the center of  attention I mean how can you not stare at a girl with eyes that look like a freakin' anime or how perfectly put together she is? Ulzzang on the other hand, I guess it uses make-up to bring out a woman's natural beauty and focuses on looking more youthful and young.
 I personally consider myself a gyaru, but when I go to school since we're not allowed a lot of make-up I usually do the Ulzzang look since all it is, is Eyeliner , lenses and BB cream. PLUS it is way more easier to just rub BB cream on your face, put on lenses and put on some eyeliner rather then contouring your face, adding false lashes etc etc.
 Another major difference is the way they dress. Gyarus tend to wear more dressy clothes where as Ulzzangs usually dress more casually.
 That's all I have for today's post, if you would like anything particular for my future posts,let me know^^


  1. Nice post! :>
    I like both Gyaru and Ulzzang but my personal style is more Ulzzang because Gyaru looks really weird on me with their heavy Make Up. xD But I like the style on others. ^-^

    Much Love

  2. I personally believe that in order to carry off Gyaru you have to have a lot of self-confidence, whereas for Ulzzang it's more cute so it's easier^_^