Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ganguro FAIL!

Good day sunshine's,
 My summer holiday has finally started! No more exams, no more waking up at 5:30 and NO MORE SCHOOL TILL SEPTEMBER WEEE!
 Since I am on holiday i spent my first day planning out my summer holiday time which mostly consists of:
a) K-Dramas
b)Anime(i need to catch up on my bleach and one piece ep.)
c)Stalking Big Bang and B.A.P. 
d)my skin care routine
e)looking after my body more exercise
f)catch up on some reading, I miss spending 30-1:30 hours a day reading my Agatha Christi Books!
 So since i had that settled and i was bored i decided to do something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time now... I wanted to see how i look as a GANGURO/MANBA! Originally i was going to do a video and post on YouTube but since i look dreadful i decided i would just do my make-up and cam-whore. Before i post my pictures and scare the crap out of people (lol) i will explain what ganguro and manba is in a few words
 Amy's wisdom talk:
 Ganguro: It is a fashion trend followed in Japan by mostly teenage girls and was very popular during the beginning of 2000. It went extinct around 2004 but they are back more dramatically! Ganguro's are seen having very dark tanned skin and bleach blonde/orange hair but can also have other colors and heavy white make-up on and under the eyes with colorful circle lens and BIG eyelashes. Manba and Yamanba are subgroups to Ganguro the difference between them is that Yamanba only has white eye make-up above the eye and manba also has underneath. They usually have very colorful clothes and stuffed animals with them. Ganguro's are the rebels of gyaru fashion. They go against what traditionally Japanese women were meant to be. They had white skin (japanese women) they dyed it dark, they had black hair they bleached it, they had light natural make-up they made it over the top and funky.
References from Wikipedia and other site's 

Now that i explained that here are a few pictures:
Ganguros also sometimes wear lays 

This is Gehako, She is one of the most famous ganguro models if no the MOST famous 

I don't know who the girl in the stitch outfit is but i want one of those!

 Now that i showed you pictures i will give my opinion about ganguro's. I personally am more of a one gyaru style combined with casual and himekaji ( casual gyaru) but i have no problem at all with ganguro's. In fact I actually like their style kind of and i really respect the girls who have confidence to rock this! When I go to Japan I will probably run up to every ganguro trying to take a picture ( wtf is wrong with me?) so yeah. I didn't do the transformation to tease them. I know a lot of people call them " rejects" and "fake gyarus" but i really support them and what they represent.
 Now for my transformation...well it was kind of a fail. Since I'm in general new to the AMAZING WORLD OF GYARU i still have a bit of problem with the make-up (grr!). No.1 my foundation was a bit too light because it's the darkest one i had around the house, my white eye shadow is too light and has got more of a beige color because i couldn't find cream shadow ( Cyprus sucks B***s at make-up and if i found it would cost like30euros wtf?) so i used white gel/cream liner and stretched the crap out of my skin and it blended in with my foundation and blah blah... and my lip line and nose strip sucks also so it was a fail. Maybe sometime in the future i will do another BETTER ganguro look. Maybe after i visit Japan and get tips from ganguro galls ^_-
so here are my pics:
This one before i flipped it i thought looked kind of cute :/

Here i just look plain creepy, like a pedo-phile " Hi kids want some candy?" ahahha

I haven't finished blinging my cam. so no comments please!

I actually kind of like this one ^_^

Now I'm going to start ranting about B.A.P. (cause i can). So i have been looking them up, a lot lately (stalker alert) and according to they are going to have a live chat on June 4th  11:00PM EST ! Lets just say when i found out i almost pissed myself. That time in america is 11:00 pm and in Cyprus 6:00 wtf? Early or not i'm going on chat! So for all you baby's out there here's a link for where their going to have the chat : leave any questions you have ^_^ 
Anyway hope you all enjoyed this post. Here another video of the gorgeous drop dead sexy B.A.P 

And here's JYJ's Heaven, i know another relevantly "old" song but i just heard it a few days ago and with the video i cried buckets(lol) after i heard the Jaejung wrote the song for a friend that committed suicide :(

So that's all and i will talk to you soon till then Bye-bee
Amy xx

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