Tuesday, 22 May 2012

HAUL and etc ^_^

Hello my lovelies,
 It has been a looong time since i wrote a post. Yeah I've been really busy with school because i have exams now and well haven't really had anything to blog about.But I'm back ^_^
 Today i'm going to blog about all the things I bought this month, because i can. It's not a lot of things and i had it in my system to splurge my money on things that i don't need but want :)

Ok so first off i bought 5 packets of lashes because they were a bargain and free shipping on Sasa and a good price for them on Ebay, you all know you do the same so don't judge me -_- All together i spent about 60-70$ which is a steal! In Cyprus it costs like 30$ for one pair! Any way i tried them all out and they all have amazing quality, the hairs feel really soft and almost real O.o if you want pictures of them on let me know ^_^
Left to right: Tsubasa Masuwaka : No.11 pure sweet and No.9 natural dolly, Eyemazing: Mizukitty Ribbon Series No.301 and Eyematsuge No.3 bambi, BN natural lower lash No.9

I got etude house precious mineral BB cream bright fit and it is amazing! It has a matt finish and makes your skin look really healthy ( not that mine isn't >_<)
Popteen June 2012 issue! If you want scans let me know ^__^. On page 3 or 4 there is an interview with bigbang, I can't read Japanese but pics are worth 1000 words. I just wish I could buy one of them online! -_-

I got a pair of HK glasses. They are SUPER KAWAII! the only thing i don't like is the color of the bow :/ maybe i'll get another pair but with a pink bow ^_^
And the eyelash glue is so freakin' amazing! My lashes don't budge once they stick, only problem is that it hurts a bit to remove but anyway ^_^

Got this HK travel lens box and i blinged it out ^_^ I forgot to take pics of how it is inside though >_<

These are more of an arts and crafts thing i did when i was bored.  Me and my sis have the same air-con. remote so i pimp-a-fied them so we can tell which is which, the one with totoro and the flower is mine, the one with the sutt fairy is my sis and i did my mums because well.... i was bored ^_^

I took this pic today, Yuki fell asleep on the couch so I took a pic. She looks so sweet and  innocent, but she ain't! Probably the only time she is an angel is when she's asleep. She looks so cute i want to squeeze her~ 
So that's what i bought this month, it's not a lot and they didn't cost that much. Or should i re-fraze it, not as much as it would cost to buy in Cyp.  

Songs of the week(s) ^__^:
Lately I've been listening to this song constantly, I am not a big fan of 4minute but i do love this song, I like how it seems like a love song and yet it's for haters, for this 4MINUTE FIGHTING!

and JJ project finally debuted! I was waiting for them to debut since dream high2! They look so cute and bite-able!
As much as i do love my BIGBANG ( the k-pop group, don't anything dirty ^_-) i've become a HUGE fan of B.A.P., unlike other k-pop bands they actually look like they have more testosterone than me O.O(i'm not offending other groups) and I especially like the meaning of this song, it's from their first album I think but i still really like it and I want a video clip, it's unfair that Zelo is 2 months younger than me because I can't drool over him. It is against my nature to drool over a guy that is even a day younger than me >_>  Actually i like all their songs but I can't be arsed to post them all :/

And ofc my gorgeous, drop dead sexy BIGBANG! They are WOW FANTASTIC BABY! get it? According to Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi Taeyang should put on a shirt. I do not agree! In fact if they all decide to go shirtless or wear even less clothes i am ok with that ^__^

And last but not least, SHINee's lucifer. I know it is a relevantly "old" song but I suddenly started to like it and it constantly plays in my mind. It is even worse when i'm doing my exams and this happens -__-
 So that's all for today ^__^. Hope you enjoyed the post and ttyl.
Love Amy xoxo ^__^ 

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