Thursday, 28 June 2012

Catch Up~

Good day sunshines!
 This is a quick update before i head to the airport.Finished packing and went through my check list everything it there and I'm ready to go.

I've been traveling since the age of 5 but last year and this year are my only times i have flown on my own and i have to say, I LOVE IT! Ok so I love my sister and my family, but being the on-time-control-freak that   I am I like being early at my gate without wasting time here and there, so travelling alone is nice, but since I'm under aged i have to travel unaccompanied minor style, which is awesome! 
 Since I leave tomorrow and will probably spend most the day getting last minute things, I've been cuddling my little Yuki like mad, she got chipped on Monday and she let out a yelp that melted my heart :( I'm going to really miss her for 4-6 weeks.

Songs of the moment ( my opinion ofc)

I loove ailee's voice and I'm a huge fan. This is probably my first song that I've heard of Weesung and his voice is amazing!
Weesung Ft. Ailee~ They are coming 

This song is soo sweet and I love Daesungs voice! It give ear-gasms easily<3
DaeSung~ Try Smiling 

Anyway this was just a quick catch up, I'll take pictures in the plane and in Dubai and I will post them when I'm in Dubai, if you have any specific places for me to visit let me know 

 Ok so I'm off to snuggle Yuki on the couch with my green tea,
Amy xoxo

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