Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green Review~

Good day sunshines,
Ok so Another thing to check off my summer list:
Find cute bikini for 20 euro

anyway moving on, so today's post is a review on the Geo Princess Mimi Bambi in apple green designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka.
Base Curve:8.60
Water Content:38~42%
Life Span:1 year

Here is a picture on how they are meant to look

So of course this picture is done in a proper photography room and edited to satisfaction.

I bought these from for I think 23$,they arrived in good time seeing that they were being sent to Cyprus. 

Picture with flash

Picture without


Comfort:5/5.They are SUPER comfy,i can barely feel them,only problem is that they sometimes sting once you put them on but it's not that bad.
Size:5/5.I like their size,not too big not too small(that's what she said) and they enlarge your eyes without making them look too huge.
Color:4.5/5.I looove the color and it looks really natural and shows up well on my eyes despite the fact that i have really dark brown/black eyes.Only problem is that on the picture of Tsubasa they look really bright, but again might be my eye color.

Over all 4.83/5, I really like them and i recommend them to people who want to try them, but as usual with circle lens have eye drops with you ^_^
My next review will be on the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate so look forward to that ^_^.
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