Monday, 8 July 2013

Dariya Palty Beauty Mauve Review~

Hello marshmallows,
the other day I dyed my hair with dariya palty beauty mauve. So unlike the other times when I dye my hair, I finally filmed myself! In the video I might look a bit weird but please don't judge me! It's my first video so I was a bit camera shy *blushes*. So without further ado, the video.

I congratulate you if you watched until the end :D

Now for the judging!

Color: 5/5. I really like the color. My hair was bleached blonde so it came out more purple than it said on the package, which is fine with me.
PAIN LEVEL!: 4.5/5. To explain. Most Japanese dyes contain bleach(or whatever the thing that bleach contains that burns your scalp like a moth-) so it does burn or hurt a bit. But not as bad as regular bleach. 
Damage: 5/5, my hair feels pretty soft after dying it, as I usually say when I dye my hair with palty hair dyes. No complaints as of yet
Product Content: 3/5. This is my biggest problem with the palty hair dyes. Whenever I use the dyes I always find that it doesn't cover my whole head. When my hair use to be longer and was layered for some reason I had dye left over*ponders*. But since I cut it short it doesn't. Maybe my hair got thicker? Dunno... So I have to purchase another bottle to re-do my whole head, if I don't decide to change the color(again)

This is my biggest problem though with beauty mauve. I've been searching for it for the past 2 maybe 3 years and this is the first time I have found it. And already it is out of stock! Here is the link for the store where I purchase all of my dyes in case you are interested:(Terryyuen72 store Ebay)

Here's a before and after picture:

*I had no idea how to pose....*

That's all I have for now, I will try and update as soon as possible.
P.s. On the 5th of August I will be going to Oman to visit my dad and then to Dubai for a few days, I might do a Haul of things I buy, if you guys want? Let me know ^^
Amy xx

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