Thursday, 18 July 2013

Korean dramas you should watch now!! *Part 1*

Hello sunshine's,
 How are you all doing?  Now apart from being really into the whole Japanese/ Korean fashion scene, I also love their music, anime's(manga's) and Korean/Japanese dramas. For today I'll be sticking to Korean Dramas you have to watch now!!
 I'm not really into the whole ''historical drama craze'' that has been happening recently. I'm more fond of comedies and maybe horror dramas. I joke, I hate horror movies, I can never sleep after. I know what you're all thinking ''wuss'' but don't judge me! They are made to scare the living Jesus out of you!! Continuing... the dramas that I chose are my taste, just keep in mind that not everyone will like them, so keep and open mind.Oh, and these aren't in order of my favorite.

1) Reply 1997
This drama is probably one of my favorites of all time! I started watching it a while back but only got up till episode 5 and stopped cause I was busy with school. Now that I have nothing to do I started watching it again and stayed up till 4:30 in the morning to finish off the episodes.(I have no life.) The plot and story line is very different compare to most Asian dramas where straight away you know who is going to end up with who. Up until the last episode you have no idea who Shi Won is going to end up with. Through out the whole time you keep realizing new things that just blow your mind. I don't want to explain too much so I'll just go over the plot briefly. The story takes place in 2012 where the group of now adults are meeting up and 2 of them announce their engagement. Then they all start to remember their childhood (around 18 years old) that takes place in 1997. Awesome series. Very addictive 5/5.

2)Shut Up!Flower Boy Band
I will start off by saying that if Eye Candy was a real group I would be a huge fan! I loved this series to bits. I couldn't stop watching it! I don't really think there was something that I didn't like. But if I had to say something it would be that they would not say what they were doing in order to help the people around them that they cared about. I get that, I would probably do the same for a friend, but it annoyed me that the things that they hid from each other were so important.  But, I will forgive them since it did give the plot more meaning. The story has to do with a group of Teen-age boys in a band. They change schools because their one is closing down. The leader of the group falls for this girl from their new school but has trouble with the schools band Strawberry Field. He then goes out at night to meet with one of the guys and ends up being beaten up. As his friends find him he tries to cross the street to meet them and gets hit by a bus and dies. His friends then have a goal to become famous and share his music with the world. I won't say anything else so that you can have a bit of action ;) Absolutely fantastic drama 5/5!

3)You're Beautiful
I really liked this drama. It was funny,sad,musical-y(is that even a word?) basically everything I love put together. I really enjoyed watching it and finished it off in 2 days. I didn't like one thing though. I think it must be a general rule for Korean Dramas for all females to give off the weak damsel in distress but it really pisses me off! I found that the character of Go Mi Nyu/Mi Nam to be extremely weak. I guess they were going for the completely pure aspect of the character since she was meant to be a nun, but still. At times when she was getting yelled at for something that wasn't her fault, or something she did without realizing it she would simply say ''I'm sorry''. What the fuck?! When someone blames me for something that I'm not at fault I go Miss Prosecutor on their ass, but noooo! She just stood there and took it! I could probably write a whole article on why the character of the lead female role pissed me off, but moving on. Again, I will briefly explain the plot. Go Mi Nyu is the twin sister on Go Mi Nam a guy who wants to become a member of the group A.N.Jell. Her brother has to leave for the states for surgery and she transforms into a guy in order for him to become a member of the group until he returns. The story goes around how she manages to avoid being found out, but does she succeed? Very nice drama, I would give 5/5 ,the female character annoys me so much that I would give 4/5, but I give the point back because the ending was amazing, so 5/5 ^^

Part 2 will be out next week ^^
This was a brief blog about the dramas I've been watching. Maybe I should make this a regular thing on my blog? When I'm done with the dramas I will probably start writing about animes, maybe... Let me know if you want me to review a drama that you enjoyed watching. Until next time,

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