Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Visit To Dubai~

Good day sunshines,
   How are you all doing? So I haven't blogged for a while now and I kind of miss it. Since I've been staying in Dubai, I've been catching up on my reading. And I have one thing to say:
I know that they're a lot of people who hate books, and if they read anything it's online, I also read a lot online because Cyprus libraries suck and everything is in greek -_-', but when reading a book, you get a different pleasure compare to reading online.
 Anyway because I'm probably going to start ranting about my love of books wtf? I'll continue with my stay in Dubai^_^
 Dubai to me isn't something new. I've been coming here ( that's what she said) for about 10 years now (WTF? O.O) and I always discover something new. This year I went to a lot of places that i haven't been to before and tried lots of new yummy food * omnomnomnom* , and I did a bit of shopping (weee~).
 I also went to Abu Dhabi one day to see the Zayeed Mousque, the Emirates Palace and a bit of ferrari world but i think I will do a separate post because I have a lot of pics. UAE architects really amaze me~

Travelling to Dubai by any chance?

Must see places in Dubai! (according to me)

1)Dubai Mall: You probably will have that on a list to see, but trust me one day is not enough, that place is HUGE!
2)Burj Kalifa : a.k.a talest building in the world. I would loove to visit but i am terrified of heights, i got scared on the 22nd floor of a building, but if you don't want to check it out you have to see the dancing fountains besides it ;)
3)Emirates Mall & Skii slope: Worlds biggest skii slope is in the Mall of emirates and you have to at least go and see it once! But if you live in a country like say Norway where you can skii whenever you want for free don't bother, but still E.M. is a must see place.
4)Wild Waddy Water Park: Best.Water.Park.Evar! I've only been 2 times and it is amazing! The slides and rides are just too much fun ;)
5)Atlantis Hotel: Not necessarily to stay, but you can go eat dinner there, and visit the water park and feed the dolphins. I personally prefer the wild waddy water park but it's still nice. The architecture of this place is breath taking!

Dubai being a hot country (somewhere between fires of hell and scorching hot) you would think to bring tanktops and shorts right? wrong!
 My "what to pack for Dubai" segment!
1)Jeans. You might be thinking "is she f***ing insane?" but this is a Muslim country. If you bring trousers they have to be min. knee length. If not security will have you're ass!
2)Tee shirts and no cleavage tops. Your shoulders have to be covered and no boobage going on. Boat-necks and off the shoulders are ok as long as it isn't ramadan or a very conservative place you are visiting.
3)Long flowee skirts. If jeans are to hot for you, try long flowee skirts ;)
4)Sunblock. Too much sun is bad! Treat your skin and keep it hydrated.
5)Pack lightly. You are obviously going to shop! So bring only what's necessary

For the rest of the blog, I will be posting pictures and putting captions because if I would write about the things I did It would take forever!

Yummy sushi from Sumo sushi bar. We had the california special, the one at the bottom was crunchy on the outside, the middle has salmon roe and the one on top has sesame seeds super yum! And the picture on the right is Unagi ( special Japanese eel i think) and it was soooo good! <3

We went and got bubble tea and other stuff after the sushi. This was my first time having bubble tea wtf? and it was soooo good! The herbal tea had the same flavor (milk tea) but with herbal jellies inside and we got a tofu yoghurt with sweet redbeans(it was also really yummy ^_^)

Yummy Krispy Kreme Doghnuts<3 Unfortunately we don't have in Cyprus -_- The original is my fav. ^_^

Yummy Fondu at a restaurant near Dragon Mart. We got the lamb broth soup and lots of things to cook. We got beef and chicken slices vegetables like lotus root, cabbage, a type of mushroom and some sort of noodle a long with other veggies ;), they also brought us tripe which I almost barfed when I saw it ;/ 

These Pictures are taken at a Hotel for a 100 day celebration of a childs birth ( a big traditional Chinese thing) the hotel had beautiful chandeliers and they were made out of crystals! The party room had a underwater theme and was soo pretty! The yellow octopus and other fish in the pics on the bottom I took home with me ^_^

We went one day to Carrefour to buy some groceries and I saw this. MOTHEROFALLTHINGSYUMMY! FIVE KILO NUTELLA JAR! *droooooool* When I saw it I immediately thought "God,must really love us nutella fanatics *tear*" this is it compared to a normal 20g nutella jar. A normal jar costs roughly 20-30dhs and the 5kg costs 181dhs.

For my pre-birthday celebration, we went to Atlantis hotel at the lacatelli restaurant. The supposedly have the best pizza, well not the best i've had, but'was ok i guess... I didn't take any pics though because , I couldn't be arsed and I've been to atlantis many times xD 

Picture of our turtle gurgue in conans dog bowl. Lol he was chasing me around the house because i had a shrimp in my hand and he was hungry. Kawai desu ne!

We went to other places to, but I either didn't have my cam or no battery :/

What have I been doing besides sightseeing? Well I've been watching a lot of Strong Heart episodes. I only watched like 2-3 episodes before but I decided to start watching the series from the beginning, but it's really hard because I don't know a lot of celebrities and most of the time I have no idea who is who. But on the plus side, I never realized what a nice funny personality Leeteuk(SJ) has! O.O. My favorite member before whas Shindong but now it's between Shindong-Leeteuk-Eunhyuk <3 And ofc LeeSeungGee and Boom all the way!<3 
I finished off  3-4 J-drama series. Season 1&2 of Hana Yori Dango, Mei-chans Butler, Hana  kimi ( going to watch season 2 and the Korean one next) Ouran Highschool Host Club and I'm currently watching Great Teacher Onizuka. I'm probably going to do a comparison blog between Korean-Japanese dramas also ^_^
My next blog will be about my trip to Abu Dhabi ^_^
MUST HEAR SONGS OF THE WEEK!(according to me)

B.A.P~No Mercy. Yay! My oppas are back (again). Let me start of with saying I loooooove this song , and I loove the other songs of the album. B.A.P have such a masculine feel to their music that makes them so hot!

Nu'est ~ Action. I love nu'est and all their songs ( well the two that they have lol) and I like that they aren't making song's all about love and stuff like that. I think the member Aron is the first fluent english speaking person in k-pop ( apart from YG and JYP) that actually says stuff in rap that make sense!( ok you can't really hear it because he is talking fast but you know....). And I love this song and the marionette part! I hope one day B.A.P and nu'est collaborate! It will be , as you say daebak¬

2NE1 ~ I Love You. For you who don't know, I am a BlackJack. This song is amazing<3 I love 2ne1 and I am a huge fan. For starters I love the Music Video, it really represents the songs meaning. And i think this is the first 2ne1 song that I have noticed Cl's powerful vocals. Another Daebak song<3

 SuJu~ Sexy Free & Single. First of all, Heechul and Leeteuk shirtless-ish. Enough said. lol joke. I really like this song. From the first time I heard it, I liked the tune and it was catchy. One of the all time fav's from Super Junior.

 Teen Top ~ Be Ma Girl . I'm a TeenTop fan. I love most of their songs ( apart Perfume) and I freakin' love this one as well!Plus all of the member look so hot in this video especially Niel <3

Till then take care,


  1. I also went to Abu Dhabi one day to see the Zayeed Mousque, the Emirates Palace and a bit of ferrari world but i think I will do a separate post because I have a lot of pics. UAE architects really amaze me~

    Bloom Gardens

    1. I couldn't agree more, I can't wait to see your post on Abu Dhabi ^^