Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dariya Palty Root Bleach Touch Up Review~

Why hello there sunshines!
 I am currently sitting in front of my computer screen scoffing down on some yummy cherries.
 As I mentioned in m last post this one will be a review. But first: Summer has finally hit Cyprus and I hate it! I love the fact that i have no school but i am a person who loves the cold. I'd rather it be -20 then have it be 30C. But anyway so far it hasn't been that bad and on the 29th of June I'm off to Dubai!

I'll be going there for a month or so to visit my dad so shopping!And the best part everywhere is air-conditioned! I know to many people this isn't a big deal but in Cyprus most places don't have air con. and i end up sweating like a pig in a sauna house (wtf?) so yeah! And even the bus stops are air conditioned .wtf?

So on to the review. As you know i looove the palty natural bleach brown color but since it is bleach it does damage your hair. And since the end of your hair have already the desired color why re-bleach it? So i bought this dye to see how it works.But first i'll show how to use it ^_^.

This is the front and back of the box.If you bleached your hair really-light blond this isn't going to work for you.

Ok so in the bow there is a comb,two gels,a tray,a pair of gloves and Japanese instructions.

Now Take the 1 gel and squeeze a line of it from the beginning to the end of the tray.
Do the same with gel 2. The two stripes should be parallel one to another.
Next with the black side of the comb collect the product and apply to your hair. 

Split your hair in to 3 parts and start applying the product all over the roots.

Here are the results. 
                                        Before                      After

Color: I left on the dye for about 25 min. and I think that the roots are still slightly too dark :s but over all according to the box the color came out the same next time i will leave it longer. But over all 4.5/5
Stench: It smells like bleach (duh!) but after about 2-3 min. i couldn't really smell it.4.5/5
Stinging: 5/5, it didn't hurt at all! I don't know why but this one didn't sting, or at least not so much for me to complain about.
Content: 5/5 I had long roots and i have enough for about another 2 uses( if i have short roots)
 Over all I say 4.75/5^_^
So that's all for today's blog, ohh btw i dyed the ends of my hair bright pink! But to my annoyance it doesn't really show in pictures 

And here's a cute picture of my snuckums whilst on a walk ^_^             

She was growling at a cat -_-"

Anyway that's all for now,


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry for the late reply, yes, you could apply it to the whole of your hair, but I would advise you get the Dariya palty bleach brown to do the whole of your head with since it will be a lot more better and then just use this to dye your roots when they start to show^^
      Another thing to keep in mind, this only works for certain types of colored hair for instance if you are a bleach blonde it won't work.